Hi there!

I love exploring complex problems at the intersection of technology, human-centered design, sociology, economics, and civics. I invite you to check out my work below and reach out if you are interested in collaborating brainstorming, or chatting about cool ideas.

So many ways to connect!

  • I'm always experimenting with new technologies. Check out some of my ongoing projects here.

  • A high-level overview of my career choices, awards, and web projects.

  • The buttoned-up alias of my social-media presence. A more detailed look at my academic and professional pursuits and accomplishments.

  • 140 characters definitely limits my wittiness, but I love sharing interesting articles and thoughts about design, technology, and social change.

  • Interested in chatting about some cool ideas or learning more about my work? Drop me a note, or we can set up virtual coffee!

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